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Application Completion Rate | Meaning and Definition

What is Application completion rate?

The effectiveness of your online job application procedure is measured by the application completion rate. It means many candidates began filling it out and how many finished. In a recruiting process, a low application completion rate indicates a problem with the overall job application process. It’s critical to maintain a high rate for successful online recruitment since it demonstrates candidates’ interest in your job posting. 

If this rate is poor, it’s possible that potential prospects are becoming irritated with the long application process, which results in the job application being abandoned midway. There are multiple ways to optimize the method to boost successful application submissions if the reason why applicants decide not to finish the application can be discovered. 

Improving Application Completion Rate

You’ll need the necessary data to accurately identify where any faults in your forms could be. Installing software for recruitment purposes can help you understand when, when, and why prospective candidates quit your form without completing it. After you’ve recorded enough user sessions, the first step is to figure out where the bottlenecks in your form are. After you have found out what you think is causing the problem, you’ll need to put your theory to the test to determine if it’s correct. Make the changes you believe will help to alleviate the issues you’ve discovered. 

Pay for 2 Years and Get 1 Year HRMS Subscription Free