AD HOC | Meaning and Definition

What is AD-HOC?

AD HOC is an option that allows the user to make a payment from his bank account to any other bank account without going to the bank, allowing him to do it from the comfort of his own home. Payments are divided into three categories: transfers to accounts within the bank, transfers to accounts outside the bank, and transfers to accounts outside the bank. When a transaction is made to a bank account, it is referred to as an internal transfer. A local transfer is a transfer to an account outside the bank but within the nation. An overseas payment is a transfer to a bank account outside the country.

Ad Hoc Payments in Indian Payroll are supposed to be paid to employees as mentioned below:

Overtime in company, Incentives for extra work, Petrol Allowance for personal vehicles, Festival bonus, Service charge, Gift voucher, other expenses etc. 

Company often provides salary/wages of employee in advance due to some reasons. It is also categorized under Ad-Hoc Pay.

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