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Did you know, 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021? 4 million is quite huge, it is, right? Also, if this trend continues, more than one in three employees will voluntarily quit their jobs by 2023. Definitely not good news for the HR fraternity. A lot goes into hiring people with great skills, qualities, and dedication, and an exodus of these people is difficult for any employer. This is why there has been an ample focus on employee retention.

In layman’s terms employee retention is all about keeping employees in the organization for a long period of time. So preventing employees from quitting their jobs becomes a fundamental goal for employers. To help organizations retain their top talents we have compiled a list of best employee retention strategies along with other major information related to employee retention and attrition. 

This eBook covers the following topics: 

  • Employee Retention-Understanding the Basics
  • Understanding the Good and Bad Employee Turnover Rate 
  • Types of Employee Attrition
  • Why Employees leave- Factors That Influence Retention
  • Top 10 Employee Retention Strategies 
  • Role of Technology in Improving Employee Retention

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Employee Retention eBook

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