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When an employee renders services to an organization for 5 or more years, he is eligible to receive a certain amount of money from the employer; this is known as Gratuity. It is a form of cash benefit governed by the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972.

The gratuity amount is generally paid at the time of retirement, resignation, layoff, or termination, provided that the employee has rendered five or more years of service in the organization. However, in certain cases like an accident or disease, an employee can get the gratuity before the five years.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Gratuity Payment in India?

An employee is eligible to receive gratuity when the following criteria are met:

  • Employee should be eligible for superannuation
  • Employee retired from the services
  • Employee resigned after continuous services of five years or more
  • In case of death or disability due to illness or accident

What is a Gratuity Calculator?

Calculating your gratuity amount can be a time-consuming process. Since every person has a different pay scale, the gratuity amount also varies. A Gratuity calculator is a tool that helps you get an estimate of the Gratuity amount you will receive. If you are planning to retire from the company, the calculator can be useful in determining the gratuity amount.

Gratuity Calculation Formula

Zimyo uses a standard formula for calculating formula gratuity that is given below:

G= N*B*15/26

In the formula, the values represent the following things.

N – Number of years an employee has worked in the organization
B– Last drawn basic salary plus dearness allowance (DA) of an employee
G– Gratuity amount an employee is eligible to receive

To better understand the calculation, let’s take an example. If employee A has worked with the organization for 5 years, his basic salary plus dearness allowance amounts to 25,000. Hence:

The amount of gratuity would be: 5*25000*15/26= 72,115

You should keep in mind two important points:

  1. According to the gratuity act, the gratuity amount cannot be more than 20 lakh. Any excess amount would be considered ex gratia payment.
  2. For calculating the gratuity amount, the number of months of the last employment year will be rounded to the nearest figure. For example, if you have worked in the organization for 6 years and 7 months, you will receive gratuity for 7 years. If it has been 6 years and 5 months, you would have received gratuity for only 6 years.

How to Calculate Gratuity Online using Zimyo Gratuity Calculator?

Follow these steps to calculate the gratuity amount using the Zimyo gratuity calculator:

  • Enter your last drawn basic salary plus dearness allowance in the first input field
  • Enter the number of years you worked in the organization (use the nearest rounded figure)
  • Click on the calculate to get your gratuity value within seconds

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