Our Pioneers

Our Leaders & Our Torch Bearers

Kumar Mayank


After spending most of his 20s flitting between various financial services gigs, Kumar Mayank started Zimyo in 2018 with a drive to bring revolutionary changes in the SaaS market in India and curb everyday HR and Payroll hassles.

Working dedicatedly in the tech field for over 8 years, Kumar has earned a reputation for being a subject matter expert regarding FinTech and leadership management across various domains including technology, processes, operations, and business. 

A strong inborn inclination towards HR technology enabled Kumar to build a platform that helps data-driven and purpose-based organizations avail delightful human experiences. 

Mayank has an acumen for socializing and networking which is imperative for fostering a positive work culture.

“Multiskilled”, “down-to-earth”, and “focused” are the three terms that best describe Kumar Mayank!

Warning: HR Tech, street food, and movies are certainly some dangerous topics of conversation to get him started on unless you have a lot of time on your hands. 

Ajay Kadyan

CTO/ Co-Founder

If Mayank is the heart, Ajay is the soul of Zimyo. As Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Zimyo, Ajay Kadyan commits himself entirely to the growth of the company. Under his guidance, team Zimyo has pioneered a series of innovative HR solutions that provide one-of-a-kind human experience to growth-focused organizations.

Ajay’s subsequent success in the tech industry has allowed him to lead Zimyo through many phases of innovation and business transformation. His technical and functional knowledge has enabled Zimyo to develop revolutionary products that dictate the evolution of modern HR technology.

‘Technophile’, ‘passionate’, self-motivated’ are a few adjectives that resonate with his personality. Ajay’s wicked sense of humor works like a charm to lighten up the tense situations at the workplace. 

Warning: Never get Ajay started on certain topics including sports, politics, competition, and web series, you might not have the patience to hear all about it.

Our Z-Tribe

Behind every great product is a tribe of other great individuals

Zimyo has been able to cater to the needs of hundreds of fully-functional organizations just because of the Z-Tribe. Each member of the tribe is at liberty to do great work. As long as quality solutions and services are being delivered to the clients, senior leadership doesn’t mind if you watch IPL during work hours or have long discussions over chai”

We have people who can: 

  • Build new-age products and break the ice during awkward situations (Engineering Team)
  • Hunt down all the bugs and are a pro at leg-pulling (QA Team)
  • Fix everything from bugs to moods (Tech Team)
  • Create focused marketing strategies and make people throw parties (Marketing Team
  • Make the workplace a better place to work and keep the floor entertained (HR Team
  • Infuse their creativity into innovative campaigns and diffuse laughter on the floor (Marketing, Graphics)
  • Provide value to customers by resolving their technical issues & crack lame jokes at office gatherings (CS Team
  • Approach customers with the idea of helping them solve the problem and sing Kolaveri Di while waiting for their response (Sales Team)
  • Help with the payroll and scare everyone by sending salary deduction mails (Finance Team