Salary Computation

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A click is all it takes to pay your employees on time

  • Attendance Calculations
  • Fixed and Variable Deductions
  • Outside Salary Payments Incorporation for TDS
  • Fixed and Variable Earning of Employees

With the integration of timesheets and calendar with payroll module, HR managers can calculate attendance and pay employees as per work. 

HR managers can charge employees in case of penalties for any mishandling in the organizations. These can be automated with dynamic workflows for different categories of mishandlings or damage to company property.

Every employee necessarily has these two types of earnings in their salary bifurcation. These earnings can be managed and disbursed easily when doing salary computation.

Similar to fixed and variable earnings, employees also have fixed and variable deductions as part of their salary structure. These may include their EPF, Labour Welfare Funds and others and can be managed at the time of computation of salary. 

On days when an employee of the organization gives extra dedication and time to his work and fall under the category of overtime, he must be rewarded. To calculate the time spent in overtime working, HR Managers can track log hours through integration with Time and Attendance module.

For amounts unpaid previous month or otherwise, due to varying reasons, HR Managers can calculate the arrears and pay employees fairly.

That time of the year when employees are to receive appraisal, their performance can be analyzed through the Performance Management Solution. On analyzing performance, HR can pay the latter fairly.

Payments received by employees apart from their salaries like rental income and others can also be added in the income tax form and filed for TDS.

This complex step has been simplified and employees can now generate their payslips with just three simple clicks.

A major source of motivation for employees is receiving their salary on time. This being a critical and complex computation, requires undivided attention. With the automation of this entire process, we have simplified the complexities for you.

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