Training Specialist | Job Description Template

We are searching for a training specialist to develop the skills of specific employees by creating and leading training initiatives that will improve employees’ performance at work while aligning with the company’s core values. You will be in charge of managing all stages of training interventions, creating and delivering curriculum and learning materials, and conducting assessments of training needs.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • BS in education, training, human resources, or a similar discipline
  • Proven expertise in planning several training sessions in a business environment 

Skills Required for the job 

  • Comprehensive understanding of instructional design theory and learning concepts 
  • demonstrated mastery of the whole training cycle 
  • adequate familiarity with learning management systems 
  • knowledge of both conventional and current training methodologies, tools, and methods 
  • knowledge of personnel management and succession planning aptitude for cost-benefit analysis and training return on investment 
  • sound organizational and decision-making abilities 
  • Knowledge of how to communicate complicated information to a range of audiences 
  • MS Office and database software expertise 

Job Responsibilities

  • Determine training requirements by assessing your strengths and shortcomings. 
  • Converting requirements into instruction that will prepare staff for the following phase in their career 
  • Create an annual training program and make lesson plans. 
  • Create or coordinate the development of manuals, aids, and handouts for use in the classroom. 
  • Organize systematic educational activities and keep an eye on their effectiveness 
  • Orient new hires to the company and hold training sessions 
  • Conduct training sessions 
  • Analyze training efficacy to ensure that employees are using the skills and practices they have learned in their work. 
  • Regularly assess ongoing programs to make sure they account for any changes 
  • Keep up with emerging techniques and technologies for staff development.

Company Offerings

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