Training Consultant | Job Description Template

For the creation, implementation, and evaluation of employee education initiatives, we are seeking a training consultant. The duties of a training consultant include determining where there are skills and knowledge gaps, creating instructional materials, and planning learning activities. You should be familiar with a variety of training techniques, such as coaching and e-learning, and be able to keep trainees interested in your sessions through interactive activities like role-playing games and outdoor excursions. 

In the end, you’ll support our employees’ skill advancement and improved job performance.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • Education, human resources management, or a related field for BSc
  • Proven job experience as a training coordinator, consultant, or other related position 

Skills Required for the job 

  • creating corporate training courses with actual experience 
  • Knowledge about learning management systems (LMS) 
  • understanding of modern and classic work training methods and processes 
  • knowledge of succession planning and talent management 
  • superior communication abilities 
  • strong organizational skills and the capacity to oversee many training sessions simultaneously 

Job Responsibilities

  • analyze the skills gap 
  • For internal teams, create long-term training strategies. 
  • Create educational content (e.g. design manuals and order books) 
  • a few instructional techniques, including seminars, workshops, on-the-job training, and online courses 
  • Plan regular management and soft-skills development training 
  • Analyze how training affects employees’ performance. 
  • Communicate with outside parties and, if necessary, contract out training 
  • Obtain comments from instructors and students following each session. 
  • For each learning program, prepare cost reports. 
  • Update training records and the curriculum database

Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

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