Telecommunications Specialist | JD Template

A Telecommunications Specialist is needed to design, install, monitor, repair, and maintain communications systems and equipment. Telephone and data connections, wiring, circuits, digital computers, and other related systems and devices will be familiar to the selected candidate.

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Educational Qualification 

  • Work experience as a Telecommunications Specialist is required.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, telecommunications, or a related discipline is required.

Skills required for the job

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and databases
  • Practical experience with many types of telecommunications systems, including peripherals ( networks, optical fiber, on site controllers, data modems, terminals, etc)
  • Interpersonal and organizational skills that are adequate
  • Team player with a focus on customer service

Job Responsibilities

  • Telecommunications systems are to be managed, supervised, and technical assistance is to be provided.
  • Receive feedback, determine the wants and requirements of users, and adapt existing technology to fit their needs.
  • Plan, request, activities, and specifications should all be documented and reported on.
  • Features are programmed, networks and systems are designed, and resources are allocated as needed.
  • Monitor, test, and troubleshoot systems and peripheral equipment.
  • Evaluate the system’s performance and, if necessary, make enhancements.
  • Telecommunications activities are overseen and coordinated.
  • Prepare fiscal arguments and purchase electronic equipment.
  • Work with management to help employees grow and enhance their abilities.
  • Follow the industry’s best practices and standards.

Company Offerings

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