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A Senior Web Developer is needed to create and maintain functional web sites and apps.

Leading a team of junior developers, improving website standards, and addressing technical challenges are all tasks of a Senior Web Developer. You should have substantial expertise constructing web pages from scratch and in-depth understanding of at least one of the following programming languages: Javascript, Ruby, or PHP to be successful in this profession.

Finally, you’ll make sure our web sites are up and operating, and that they meet both internal and external needs.


Company Address 



Educational Qualification 

  • Work experience as a Senior Web Developer
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or a related subject is required.


Skills required for the job

  • At least one programming language, ideally Javascript, Ruby, or PHP, is required.
  • Experience with mockup and UI prototyping tools Strong grasp of HTML/CSS
  • Knowledge of security procedures
  • Knowledge of network diagnostics tools
  • Management abilities in a group

Job Responsibilities

  • For new websites and applications, identify user and system needs.
  • Set deadlines for software development projects, allocate tasks to team members, and prioritize them.
  • Create wireframes to help you decide on a layout. 
  • Write or review code for a variety of apps.
  • Carry out functional tests and troubleshoot code.
  • Oversee and evaluate the work of junior web developers.
  • Consult with designers to choose which UI/UX elements to use (like graphics and navigation buttons)
  • Ascertain that our software documentation is current.
  • Work with mobile developers to create mobile-friendly websites.

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