Program Director | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a Program Director with expertise overseeing a variety of initiatives. Each program’s delivery and overall success will be your responsibility. You’ll be in charge of supervising managers and reporting on their development and performance to upper management. 

A good Program Director should be well-versed in programme management principles. They must be able to lead and develop their subordinates, as well as have a strategic perspective. 

The objective is to guarantee that every programme is delivered effectively and adds the most value to the company as feasible.

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Educational Qualifications

  • A BSc/BA degree in management or a related discipline is required; an MSc/MA is preferred.
  • Experience as a programme director or in another management role with a thorough grasp of project/program management methodologies and processes 

Skills Required for the job

  • Excellent understanding of performance evaluation tools and key performance indicators 
  • Outstanding data analysis, reporting, and budgeting skills 
  • Knowledge with Microsoft Office and programme management software is required (e.g. Basecamp, MS Project etc.) 
  • A strategic mindset combined with business expertise 
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities 
  • An analytical approach combined with excellent problem-solving skills 
  • Communication abilities that are exceptional 

Job Responsibilities

  • Initiate and create goals for programmes in accordance with the organization’s strategic objectives. Plan programmes from start to finish, including deadlines, milestones, and processes. 
  • Budgets and operations should be developed or approved. 
  • Create evaluation techniques to track performance and identify areas where changes are needed. 
  • To offer feedback and handle complicated problems, supervise all programme and project managers engaged. 
  • Find out how to make operations and people more efficient and productive. 
  • When necessary, apply change, risk, and resource management concepts. 
  • To identify progress and challenges, read reports provided by management. 
  • Ensure that the program’s operations and activities are compliant with legal requirements and organizational regulations. 
  • Detailed and accurate reports or presentations should be used to keep top management informed.

Company Offerings

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