Physical Product Designer | JD Template

We’re seeking a Physical Product Designer to create items that are both useful and appealing. 

Conceptualizing items, drafting specifications, and producing models and prototypes are all tasks of a Physical Product Designer. You should be a problem-solver with a flair for figuring out what others want. We’d want to meet you if you’re a creative thinker with a practical side. 

Your ultimate objective is to create a favorable client experience with your design.


Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • BSc/MSc in Product Design, Manufacturing Design Engineering, or a related discipline 
  • Experience as a Physical Product Designer or in a related function is required. 


Skills Required for the job

  • Knowledge of CAD/ 3D modeling software is required. 
  • Understanding of technological aspects and restrictions 
  • Problem-solving and project-management skills are essential. 
  • Mind that is both creative and analytical 


Job Responsibilities

  • Design briefs that help understand the wants and expectations of customers. 
  • Create a product description and design concept. 
  • Create product technical specifications that take into account budgets and materials. 
  • Make drawings, designs, and models. 
  • Create and test prototypes of products 
  • Ensure that all designs fulfill environmental, health, and safety standards. 
  • Establish manufacturing procedures in collaboration with the design, engineering, and marketing teams. 
  • Ensure that the designs are appealing to the eye. 
  • Make existing product designs better


Company Offerings

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