Payroll Accountant | Job Description Template

Payroll accountants are in charge of a company’s payroll processes. The Director of Finance is usually their boss. Payroll accountants provide salary statements for employees and process paychecks. They keep track of payroll and generate reports. Payroll accountants ensure that all payroll procedures follow all applicable laws and standards.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • A national certification that is valid (e.g. Fundamental Payroll Certification) 
  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance
  • Prior experience as a payroll accountant or in a similar position is preferred. 

Skills Required for the job

  • Understanding of local and governmental payroll regulations 
  • Expert understanding of Microsoft Office, particularly Excel 
  • Excellent computational skills 
  • Pay close attention to the details. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Keep track of employee salaries. 
  • Calculate net pay once deductions and withholdings are taken into account. 
  • Make sure your payroll and tax paperwork are up to date. 
  • Update files for the general ledger and payroll 
  • Prepare accounting records, schedules, and files. 
  • Pay attention to both paid and unpaid leaves. 
  • Calculate overtime pay and holiday deductions.

Company Offerings

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