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We are seeking a Natural Language Processing Engineer to assist us in improving our NLP products and developing new NLP applications.

The NLP Engineer’s tasks include converting natural language input into relevant characteristics for classification algorithms utilizing NLP approaches. To be successful in this position, you must have exceptional statistical analysis, machine learning methodologies, and text representation approaches.

Your ultimate goal is to create self-learning NLP apps that are effective.

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Educational Qualification 

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, computational linguistics, or a related discipline is required
  • Experience as an NLP Engineer or in a related job is required.

Skills required for the job

  • NLP approaches for text representation, semantic extraction techniques, data structures, and modeling are all important to know.
  • Ability to design software architecture efficiently
  • Deep knowledge of text representation techniques (such as n-grams, bag of words, sentiment analysis, and so on), as well as statistics and classification algorithms
  • Python, Java, and R are all useful skills to have.
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries (such as Keras or PyTorch) and the ability to develop robust and testable code (like scikit-learn)
  • Communication abilities that are strong
  • A problem-solving mind with an analytical mind


Job Responsibilities

  • Prototypes in data science should be studied and transformed.
  • Create NLP-based applications
  • For Supervised Learning approaches, choose suitably annotated datasets.
  • To turn natural language into usable characteristics, employ good text representations.
  • For NLP tasks, find and use the correct algorithms and tools.
  • Develop NLP systems in accordance with specifications.
  • Experiment with the developed model and train it.
  • Analyze the data statistically and improve the models
  • Extend machine learning libraries and frameworks to include NLP tasks.
  • Keep up with the ever-changing world of machine learning.


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