Data Entry Clerk | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a Data Entry Clerk to input information from paper documents into our database. The ideal applicant will be computer literate, rapid typist, and detail-oriented. You’ll be reporting to a data manager or another senior member of the data team. The fundamentals of data confidentiality must be understood.

The organization will rely on you to keep correct and up-to-date data in a digital database that is easily accessible.

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Educational Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Worked as a data entry clerk before. 

Skills Required for the job

  • Fast typing abilities are greatly preferred, as is knowledge of the touch typing system. 
  • Excellent command of word processing and spreadsheet software (MS Office Word, Excel etc.) 
  • Working knowledge of office supplies, as well as computer gear and peripherals 
  • Database knowledge is a must. 
  • Customer service skills and a good grasp of English, both oral and written 
  • Extremely meticulous attention to detail 

Job Responsibilities

  • Using keyboards, data recorders, or optical scanners, transfer data from paper forms into computer files or database systems. 
  • Fill up the blanks with information provided by consumers. 
  • Make spreadsheets with a huge number of figures that are error-free. 
  • Compare data to source documents to ensure accuracy. 
  • Existing data should be updated 
  • As needed, get data from the database or electronic files. 
  • To ensure data preservation, make regular backups. 
  • After inputting data, sort and arrange documentation to avoid losing it.

Company Offerings

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Frequently Asked Questions

The data entry clerk stores and updates the customer database in the spreadsheets. Their main tasks include transferring the data from paper format to digital format.

The responsibilities of a data entry clerk include:

  • Transferring data from paper formats into computer files and entering and updating the data at different stages during the process.
  • Verifying the data by comparing it with the original source.
  • Keeping a backup to ensure data preservation.

A professional data entry clerk needs to have a fast typing speed, attention to detail, and accuracy. They should be able to focus on their tasks without getting distracted. In addition, they should be well acquainted with working with spreadsheet software.