Top 20 OKR Software in the USA

When it comes to ensuring employee performance, the right goal-setting strategies play a crucial role. Global enterprises like Google, Amazon, and Adobe understand the importance of strategy and execution. Therefore, they leverage the OKR software to align their employees’ performance with the company’s goals. The OKR framework is a goal-setting strategy specially designed for setting goals, assigning tasks to accomplish those goals, and evaluating the employee’s performance based on the goal’s status.

The OKR framework has helped many organizations acquire the highest market capitalization. However, talking about OKR in theory is easy, but implementing it in your company is rather a challenging task. That is why global organizations prefer to opt for OKR software.

However, with a plethora of software vendors in the market, it can be difficult to pick the best OKR software for your organization. To eliminate the guess for you, we have curated the list of top 20 OKR software in the U.S with some simple tips on how to choose the right OKR software for your company.

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What is OKR Software?

The objective and key results (OKR) software is a tool that helps organizations to adopt OKR methodology in their business operations widely. By using the OKR software, leaders can ensure the productivity of their employees and identify the key areas that contribute to the success of the business. Any OKR software serves the following purpose:

  • Goal setting and team alignment with organizational goals
  • Tracking and monitoring the goal’s progress
  • Evaluation of goals through reports and insights – Feedback to further improve the performance

Benefits of OKR Software:

Global leaders and successful organizations prefer to use the OKR management platform because it helps to maximize the benefits of OKR methodology and offers visibility, transparency, and team goal alignment. The OKR management solutions help in enhancing the company culture and build growth-oriented teams. Here are some major benefits of using OKR software:

  • It provides a clear direction toward one objective
  • It promotes a result-oriented culture in the organization
  • It helps in monitoring employee performance and giving rewards accordingly
  • It helps in improving the performance of employees by giving continuous feedback
  • It increases employee engagement and promotes accountability

How to Choose the Best OKR Software?

If you want to promote a high-performance culture in your organization, adopting the software for OKR is necessary. However, considering a large number of vendors available in the market, it is common to feel confused about which software you should go for. Since every business is different from the others, its goals and strategies also vary. Here are some important things to consider while buying OKR software for your organization.

Start with the Why?

Before you buy any OKR management solution, it is important to have clarity over why you are looking for an OKR management solution. What are the current challenges you are facing? What are the problems you want to solve with OKR software? By answering all these questions, you can have clarity over your needs and requirements.

Team Size

The number of members in your team is an important parameter to consider. Different software caters to the needs of different team sizes. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of people who will be using the software. Furthermore, you should also consider the possibility of scaling your team in the future. Therefore, you should look for software that offers flexibility to manage the scale-up process.


The OKR software would be of no use for your team if they cannot integrate it with the software they are already using. Therefore, it is essential to look for an OKR management tool that can easily integrate with all the software you are using.

For instance, Zimyo OKR software offers hassle-free integration with all the major software that companies usually use.

Features and Functionalities

An OKR software can have multiple features and functionalities. However, it is not necessary that you require all the features. In fact, chances are that some of the features that software offers are not aligned with your company’s needs. Therefore, it is important to look for software that offers features that promotes your organization’s needs. To determine this, you can connect with an OKR coaching expert or take a free trial for some days.


This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing software for OKR management. If you are a new start-up looking for a way to manage your employee’s performance, you may have some budget restrictions. You can create a list of OKR software vendors that offer the features you are looking to implement in your company and create a budget around that. Then use the list to compare the vendors and select the one that fits in your price range.

List of Top OKR Software


Zimyo OKR software is a robust performance management software and monitoring tool that helps organizations manage their employee’s performance and build a result-oriented culture. With advanced features like goal setting, check-in to track progress, and advanced reports and insights, the software helps leaders align every employee’s efforts towards organizational goals. Furthermore, the platform also offers seamless integrations with all the major platforms to help organizations manage their employee’s performance.

Key Features
  • Smart goal setting and management with OKR
  • Customized OKR templates for various departments
  • Auto cloning OKR
  • Advanced reports and analytics
Eliminates the biases and promotes a result-oriented culture
SMART goal setting to align the team's efforts with the company's vision
Progress tracking with check-ins and comments
Email notifications to complete OKR
Mobile application for both Android and IOS users
Pricing Plan

Zimyo OKR software is one of the most budget-friendly tools that offers its services starting from $3.99/ user/ month. The platform also provides a lifetime free plan for companies of up to 10 employees.


In comparison to its counterparts, Zimyo OKR software offers an affordable pricing plan with tons of advanced features.


Set, Track, Recognize, Reward!

Set objectives, track progress, recognize and reward the deserving employees with Zimyo OKR.


Weekdone is a goal-setting OKR software that enables organizations to provide actionable, track continuous progress, and generate weekly reports to monitor progress. The software helps SMEs in goal setting by outlining the complete structure for achieving the tasks. Weekdone’s OKR software is particularly popular among many small and medium-sized organizations.

Key Features
  • Manage your weekly tasks by aligning the goals with OKR software
  • Clear insights on the progress of OKR with different types of views like bird’s eye overview and detailed single OKR views
  • Integration with a variety of software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and more.
Ability to view OKRs in different views and customize the measurement units for Key results
Easy to use interactive dashboards
Free trials for 14-days
Challenging to use for detailed roadmaps as customization can increase user setup time
Free version can be availed for only 3 users only
Creating specific OKR is a bit challenging

The company offers 14-day free trials, and their paid plans start from $8.40.


Weekdone is a great choice for small and medium-sized organizations but considering its limitations in user setup and team creation; it is not recommended for big enterprises.


Betterworks is an ideal OKR management software for organizations who are new to goal management software as they offer constant on-the-job OKR coaching sessions to their users. The platform helps the organization establish clear objectives and brings accountability and transparency to goal setting. In addition, the platform also provides automated updates regarding the OKR progress and improves engagement among teams.

Key Features
  • Automated updates and email reminders of OKRs
  • Provide detailed insights on the performance of employees
  • Managers can send feedback to employees to improve performance
Unlimited OKR coaching sessions
Employees can request feedback from managers and peers
Availability of different units to track progress
The Software is complicated to handle and requires training
No free trial is available
User had to manually click to track the previous check-ins

Betterworks offers 2 pricing plans for SMEs. 

  • Engage Team edition- $2
  • Betterwork team edition- $8

Betterworks is one of the most reliable names in employee performance management with clients like Air Canada, FedEx, and Hulu. However, the software is not simple to run and requires training.


Lattice is an employee performance management software that helps organizations in building engaged and high-performing teams with OKR software. The platform offers various engagement and performance management solutions such as task assignment, employee engagement, analytics, OKRs, and many more.

Key Features
  • Individual goal setting and tracking
  • Detailed analytics about performance management
  • Mobile application
Integration with popular software like Slack, Google Apps, Microsoft teams, and more
Offers a simple visualization of OKRs/ goals
Advance option to view individual, team, and company goals
Free trial is not available
Mobile application offers only a limited functionality
Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Lattice starts from $11 per user/per month.


Lattice is a global employee performance management company that helps organizations align company goals with department-wise team goals. The platform offers a variety of functionalities that can be beneficial for your company.


Leapsome is a goal management software that simplifies OKRs for companies with innovative tools like OKR management software, 360- degree performance reviews, employee engagement, and more. The platform enables you to set and track OKR at the company, team, and individual levels. Furthermore, you can also provide feedback on the goal completion and increase the alignment across the organization.

Key Features
  • Module to set and track goals for individuals, teams, and company
  • Easy to view deadlines, progress, and last check-ins
  • Create employee engagement surveys
14-day free trial
Easy-to-use dashboards
A robust feedback evaluation system
No mobile application available
Outlook users cannot integrate with calendar

Leapsome pricing cost is $8/user/month, and the platform offers a 14-day free demo.


Leapsome helps organizations in increasing transparency by offering an OKRs view for the entire company and also offers a great feedback evaluation system.


Engagedly offers services for employee performance management and engagement. The platform offers performance review OKR software with the incorporation of employee engagement. With Engagedly, you can align your team members towards one goal and provide constructive feedback for employee engagement.

Key Features
  • Offers intuitive tools for performance management like OKR, goal setting, analytics, and more
  • Mobile application for android and IOS users
  • Rewards and recognition to team members
Organize user interface
Social module for engagement and incentives
Track check-ins and progress
Yearly contract-based subscription
No option for generating reports of discontinued users
Pricing Plan

Engagedly offers a yearly subscription at $5000/year.


Engagedly is a great performance management software that incorporates the features of employee engagement to offer rewards and recognition.

People Box

People box is an ideal OKR software for small startups that are looking to familiarize themselves with the OKR methodology. It offers a single platform where employees can prioritize, set goals and initiatives, and align goals with the company’s vision. It can easily interact with your existing software to help you set and monitor goals with automated reports.

Key Features
  • Effective goal setting and tracking with OKR software
  • Integration with all the popular software like Slack and MS teams
  • Smart reminders and alerts with emails
Easy-to-use goal management software
Ability to automate OKR reports
Well-developed integration with popular software
Employees cannot give feedback anonymously
Big task lists take a longer time to load
Features like reports and notifications are not fully developed
Pricing Plan

People box pricing plans start from $7/user/month, and the platform also offers a 14-day free trial.


People box is a widely popular and reliable performance management platform that offers its services to various startups like SocialBee, Mirriad, Dunzzo, and Plum. The users can also integrate it with various software to effectively manage employee performance.


Hirebook is an OKR management tool that offers productive features like automated check-ins, virtual meetings, and visualization of goals/ OKRs. The software helps organizations manage their remote worker’s performance by setting up their customized OKRs.

Key Features
  • Weekly check-ins to assess performance and OKR strategy
  • Planning and scheduling one-on-one meetings via the Hirebook
  • Assign deadlines to manage tasks and achieve goals on time
Simple and user-friendly tool
Automate recurring reports to employee's email
Provide continuous feedback through one-on-one meetings
Free trial is not available
The software does not offer an in-depth analysis of performance
Pricing Plans

The software pricing plan starts from $10/ user/ month.


Hirebook offers a simple and easy-to-use OKR managing software with advanced features like team meetings and one-on-ones. You can engage your team and offer continuous feedback on each task.


Profit.Co is an OKR tracking software that caters to organizations of all sizes with performance management tools like OKR software, employee engagement, and performance management. The platform offers a variety of performance management modules that enables organizations to achieve their highest potential.

Key Features
  • Customized OKR templates
  • Tools for assigning a task, collaborating with teams, setting priorities, and more
  • Real-time reports and organizational-wise OKR visualization
30-day free trial
Progress tracking by using the weekly check-ins
Customized automation moduless
Too many modules can be overwhelming for customers
Users cannot create custom OKR in the free plan
Pricing Plan

The software pricing plans start from $7/user/ month, billed annually. They also offer a 30-days free trial.


Profit.Co is a highly recommended performance software that offers a number of features. This tool is perfect for setting goals, assigning tasks, formulating strategies, and evaluating targets to enhance productivity.


15Five is an employee performance management software that empowers organizations with goal setting and employee engagement through OKR software. The best part about this tool is that it helps to support communication and transparency between all departments within the organization.

Key Features
  • Promotes communication and transparency with OKR software
  • Identify the areas that are doing well and areas that need to be worked on
  • Weekly check-ins for continuous feedback and performance management
Integration with popular software
Various data insights in the form of reports
14-day Free trial is available
OKR framework is an additive feature that is not available on free plans
Limited control over dashboard experience
Pricing Plan

15Five OKR management tool starts from $8/ user per month when billed annually.


15Five offers intuitive OKR management for organizations with features like goal setting and OKR chart view. However, the OKR solution is a separate module that has higher pricing when purchased along with a performance management module.


Workboard is an OKR platform that helps medium to large enterprises in aligning their company goals. It is a unique performance management platform that provides an excellent OKR framework tool along with training resources. In addition, it also provides hassle-free integration with popular software like Microsoft teams, Slack, Jira, MS SQL, and more.

Key Features
  • Create actionable KRs, set priorities, and give feedback through notes
  • OKR templates, resources, and training modules
  • Visualize OKRs/goals through reports
Easy to integrate with popular software
A plethora of OKR resources and training offered
Mobile application is available
Pricing plans are not given on the website
The meeting feature can only be used with people using the tool
Training and OKR coaching sessions are required to understand so many features
Pricing Plans

A pricing plan is not provided on the website 


Week board is one of the best OKR management platforms that cater to the needs of large enterprises like Microsoft, Walmart, Cisco, IBM, and Zendesk. The website also offers a number of OKR resources and training to its users.


Heart pace is a performance management software that helps align team goals with organizational goals using OKR management software. It helps to bring transparency in the goal setting by enabling the creation of public OKRs for each department of the organization. The leaders can also promote collaboration and engagement among team members and managers.

Key Features
  • 360-degree feedback management
  • Features for conducting surveys, meetings, one-on-one conversation
  • Automatic reminders to complete OKR
The feedback and evaluation features allow easy appraisal
Ability to build your own templates
20-day free trial is available
Setting OKR alerts are complicated
Mobile application is not available
OKR module has fewer features compared to competitors
Pricing Plan

The pricing plans start at $5/user/ month


Heart pace is a great option for startups looking to implement OKR methodology in their organization. However, it is not recommended for large enterprises as the OKR module is fairly new and has only a few features.


Tability is an OKR management tool that helps organizations to set goals, formulate strategies, and track every detail of the project. It helps in setting, tracking, and evaluating tasks to achieve the ultimate objectives. In addition, the platform also offers multiple OKR templates to edit and combine OKR according to the department and individual needs.

Key Features
  • A number of free OKR templates
  • KPI monitoring from the software
  • Weekly reports
A good feedback management system
Visually appealing dashboard
No option to view OKR progress in PDF file
No option to update metrics automatically unless someone manually "ticks" the tasks
Pricing Plan

The pricing plan starts from $39/month for teams with up to 10 members.


Tability offers all the features of an OKR methodology in their software at affordable pricing.


Mooncamp is an OKR software that helps organizations align various department’s effort’s toward one single vision. The platform enables its users to update OKR progress through integration with Microsoft teams and also provides notifications regarding mentions and check-ins.

Key Features
  • Ability to manage OKRs from MS Teams
  • Reminders about OKR check-ins and mentions in MS Teams
Align individual OKR with two or more parent goals
Easy-to-use software
Customization for goals, key results, and tasks
Setting templates and notification is a little challenging
No OKR coaching is available
Pricing Plans

Mooncamp pricing starts from $6/ user/ month. They also offer a 14-day free trial.


Mooncamp offers a plenty of customizable features for setting OKR goals at affordable pricing.


FlowyTeam is a 360-degree feedback management software that helps organizations of all sizes to meet their goals with OKRs and KPIs. The platform is simple to use and helps managers to track their subordinate’s productivity.

Key Features
  • One-on-one review sessions to evaluate the assigned task
  • Personalized rewards to motivate the employees who perform
Excellent feedback review system with features like 360-degree feedback
Key performance indicators are combined with OKR
No email reminders for employees to update their OKR progress
KPIs need more integration with other systems
Pricing Plan

The pricing starts from $3.33/ user/ month.


The combination of KPIs with OKRs makes FlowyTeam OKR software unique from its competitors. The platform is easy to use and works well for managing the team’s productivity.


Ally is a goal management software that helps organizations set their objectives and track their progress. It is an easy-to-use software that makes goal management more fun with its colorful and engaging interface. In addition, the platform comes with over 200 integrations to manage your daily tasks across organizations.

Key Features
  • Customized OKR templates
  • Visualize the progress with the OKR chart view
  • Mobile application is available
Integration with various tools for OKR management
Engaging User interface
Management of the OKR hierarchy is a bit confusing
Not all KRs contribute to top-level objectives
Pricing Plan pricing starts from $7/ user/ when billed annually.

Verdict is a simple-to-use OKR software that comes with an engaging user interface. The platform offers built-in OKR templates to get started with OKR methodology without formal training.


Gtmhub is a goal management platform that helps organizations in aligning teams, functions, and business units toward organization’s long-term vision. In addition to setting and managing OKRs, the platform also offers features like task management,  automated updates, ready-to-use OKR templates, continuous feedback, and detailed analytics.

Key Features
  • Set deadlines for Key Results
  • Ready-to-use OKR templates
Mobile application for Android and IOS to update OKR
Plenty of useful resources and OKR guides
Visually appealing interface
Complex to understand in the beginning due to so many functionalities
Advance support is only available in the enterprise plan
Pricing Plan

The pricing plan for Gtmhub starts at $7/per user/ month.


Gtmhub helps companies to adopt and scale OKR methodology through their OKR software. It is an easy-to-use OKR management tool that also offers additional resources.


Perdoo is an OKR management system that empowers small and mid-sized organizations with planning, strategizing, and evaluating long-term objectives. The software helps employees focus on the objectives that really matter and monitor progress during weekly team meetings.

Key Features
  • OKR roadmap to connect different levels of OKRs
  • View the tasks or projects under each KRs
  • Weekly group updates and reports
Both OKRs and KPIs in one software
Progress reporting and tracking is quite easy
Some KRs appear below the wrong parent objectives
The mobile app has bad functionalities
Graphical presentation of OKR map is not available
Pricing Plan

The pricing starts from $9.50/ user/ month.


Perdoo offers a fully customizable dashboard that enables users to set objectives and monitor the results effectively. The platform also offers a free account for up to 10 users.


Koan is a goal management system with an intuitive interface that helps with managing goals and tracking progress. It offers goal management features like OKRs goal tracking, weekly updates and check-ins, and integration with major software.

Key Features
  • Share OKRs with a team and view the status of goals (at risk, need attention, on track)
  • Export OKR data to evaluate team performance
  • View the updates on team goals with presentation mode
Easy to integrate with other tools like Slack, Microsoft teams, and Jira
Unlimited users
Advance features like One-on-one and check-ins are missing
No features to adjust the custom OKR process
Pricing Plan

Koan offers a free plan for users, and the paid plan starts at $6/ user/ month.


Koan is an easy-to-use OKR management platform that also offers a collection of free OKR resources to users. While it offers a free account for a single team, it’s free plan provides only some basic features.


Clickup is a performance management software that helps teams to manage their projects and tasks while ensuring effective communication through goal tracking. With the help of its Goal feature, you can set and prioritize goals, track performance in the goal tracker, and create a checklist for easy task completion.

Key Features
  • Gantt chart
  • Share OKR progress with others
  • Single dashboard view to see data insights, task priorities, project status, and time tracking
Easy integration with all the software
24/7 customer support
Extensive range of features
OKR methodology is not clearly defined in the software
OKR feature is only available in the paid plan

Clickup offers a free version for users, but it doesn’t have a goal-setting feature in the free version. There are multiple plans for the paid version listed below: 

  • Unlimited – $5/user/ month
  • Business – $12/user/ month
  • Business plus- $19/user/month

Clickup various multiple plans for the users, but OKR solution is not their primary service

Final Words

Every successful organization understands the importance of goal setting in building high-performance teams. Without a goal setting strategy, your business may lose revenue in unnecessary long meetings, lack of communication, misaligned team efforts.

You can avoid all these problems simply by using the OKR. However, to leverage the OKR framework in your daily tasks, you would need reliable OKR software. In this article, we covered some best OKR management softwares in the U.S.

Among the pool of OKR solution vendors, Zimyo offers the most reliable OKR management solution at the best prices. Checkout our OKR software to transform your business goals into results.


OKR is an acronym for Objectives and Key Results. It is a goal-setting strategy that helps organizations align their employees towards one goal and monitor their performance based on setting, tracking, and evaluating business objectives.

The OKR software is a tool that helps organizations to implement the OKR framework in their company culture. The software helps leaders/ managers to give direction to employee’s efforts towards one single objective and drive results.

There is no definition of the best OKR software. Software that is best for one company can be useless for another company. It depends upon your organization’s needs.

Ideally, you should look for software that aligns with your organization’s needs and fits your budget.

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