Work From Home | Meaning and Definition

What does work from home mean? 

Work from home (WFH) denotes that a person works primarily from either the corporate office as well as sometimes from home, but only for set periods of time. Employees frequently work from home single or multiple two days each week, or several days per month, if their boss and employer permit it.

Why should one be concerned about their employees working from home?

Working from home has become increasingly popular in the last decade, with a sharp increase in recent years. Employees are drawn to positions with WFH opportunities because they provide additional freedom, convenience, and leisure time. This improvement in employee happiness leads to:

  •       Retention
  •       Engagement
  •       Retention 

What are some ways that working from home can promote business culture?

Working from home can provide employees with the extra time they need for self-care or time with the family, as well as the flexibility to work in the way that suits them best. It provides a respite from rush-hour traffic or detox from an extremely demanding work environment. This work-life harmony benefits both the employee and the company. Employees experience a healthier work-life balance and higher job satisfaction, which drives engagement and performance. Though WFH may not be the main determinant of job happiness, it certainly helps individuals approach their professions with renewed vigor, instilling passion and positivity in the workplace.

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