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Walk-In Interview

What is Walk- in Interview?

A walk-in interview is a recruitment process where candidates can directly appear for an interview without prior appointments. These interviews are typically scheduled for specific dates and times, allowing candidates to meet with hiring managers on a first-come, first-served basis. This process is often used for filling multiple positions quickly and efficiently for an organization.

Benefits of Walk-in Interviews:

Convenience: Candidates can attend interviews at their convenience within the scheduled time frame.
Speed: Employers can expedite the hiring process by interviewing and selecting candidates on the spot to streamline the Process
Volume Hiring: Ideal for hiring a large number of candidates in a short span of time.
Real time Interaction: Provides an opportunity for immediate personal interaction between the candidate and employer.


Announcement: Employers announce the walk-in interview details through various channels, including job portals, company websites, social media and print media.
Preparation: Candidates prepare their resumes, necessary documents, and dress appropriately for the interview.
Attendance: Candidates arrive at the designated location during the specified period of time.
Interview: Candidates undergo interviews, and sometimes, initial screenings or tests may be conducted.
Feedback: Employers provide feedback or offer letters on the spot or within a short period after the interview.

Pay for 2 Years and Get 1 Year HRMS Subscription Free