Virtual HR | Meaning and Definition

What is Virtual HR?

Everything’s shifting to virtual, so why not HR! Virtual HR refers to the process of connecting employees to a gamut of HR services and technologies whenever they require them. This enables workers to head directly to resources via a self-service platform instead of availing of those services always through an HR representative. Employees can directly input data and evade the need to get subjected to a third-party member who usually belongs to an HR department.

Virtual HR is beneficial for employers as it reduces HR staff’s time commitment in order to furnish the company with the latest information on the needs of staff and to preserve the integrity of employee information. Now, it benefits employees by enabling them to own their data in the organization and maintain themselves on top of appraisals and training requirements, thus rendering these a consistent process instead of an annual affair.

Employees are furnished with access to different self-service tools. Thus, virtual HR systems typically enable HR departments to automate several tasks like administration, regular newsletters, payroll management, and information dissemination.

Benefits of Virtual HR

There are several benefits offered by Virtual HR when managed appropriately. Know these:

  •   Streamlines access to HR departments: Virtual HR eliminates the need for employees drudging to the HR office to schedule a meeting to hash out employment benefits or to get a query settled. Virtual HR teams make HR professionals available to employees easily and more.


  •   Upgraded technology: HR teams operating in virtual environments primarily tend to prioritize the latest and cutting-edge HR technologies. Thus, virtual HR professionals stay updated on all the current trends, technologies, and software.


  •   Enhanced employee satisfaction: When employees can discuss time-off, employment benefits, and other HR-related questions in less time, they sense higher job satisfaction.


  •   Improved productivity: Since the employees experience more satisfaction at their jobs, they exhibit higher productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, HR teams that depend on virtual tools and technologies tend to be more productive, as the tech enhances the efficiency of HR operations.
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