Stay Interviews | Meaning and Definition

What is a stay interview?

Stay interviews meaning is when there is a face-to-face interview or meeting between the employer and employee to discuss the thoughts and beliefs of the employee for the job role. It also points out aspects of the company that need improvement to ensure more growth and development. This interview or meeting is carried out with an active employee. 

Need for stay interviews:

  •     Engagement level with the employees’ increases, and their thoughts and ideas about the job and company can be identified.
  •     Trust building and valuing of opinions increase.
  •     The idea of the employee about the present working scenario and the improvements that can be implemented for a better result can be known.
  •     The reasons behind staying in the company and if the thought of leaving then the reason behind leaving can be known too.
  •     Knowing about the employee’s different ideas, opinions, strengths, and weaknesses.
  •     The challenges that create problems in their way of work and the motivation they get to work on those challenges successfully.
  •     Getting information about the current situation and demand of the company and the further demands that can be expected in the future.
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