Satisfaction Rate | Meaning and Definition

Engaged employees are denoted as the company’s engine, which is visualized from the performance.

Job Satisfaction definition 

Job satisfaction is a level of contentment an employee has towards his job. It is a positive emotional response an employee experiences when they are doing their job.

What is satisfaction? 

There is a predefined notion that satisfaction means high performance or engagement, but in actual terms, it is terminology that implies whether employees are happy or satisfied with their current jobs and work environment.

Companies use different methodologies to measure employee satisfaction. A simple methodology is an employee survey or questionnaires. These are meant to measure parameters like workload, compensation, work environment, organizational culture, relationship with peers and superiors, work-life balance, etc. Employee satisfaction will lead to greater employee engagement and motivation in their day-to-day work.

Factors that lead to job satisfaction – Only money can’t provide all the requirements for the employee to be engaged and satisfied in their work. It also depends on some or all of the factors:

Ø  Career

Ø  Pay and Benefits

Ø  Healthy Work Environment

Ø  Individual value and recognition

Ø  Trust

Ø  Job security

Why is job satisfaction important? – A satisfied employee will be an important asset for an organization, and they can strengthen the organization in several ways, such as:

Ø  Low employee turnover – The employees will stick to the organization for a longer time period.

Ø  Increased sales or productivity – An engaged employee will thrive to achieve beyond the limits, resulting in excellent productivity and sales.

Ø  Loyalty to the organization

Ø  Increased profit margins

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