Resume Parsing | Meaning and Definition

What is the meaning of parsing?

Parsing is the process of examining symbols that are encoded either in languages or in data structures. Every language that is used in parsing follows a particular grammar structure. It is common for most Human Resource Managers and recruiters to parse the resume of their candidates or interviewees. It helps them to find out important information about the candidate, such as their contact information, work experience, etc.

The benefits of resume parsing are:

  1. It helps to filter candidates using keywords, tags, etc.
  2. Since the information is parsed and classified with the help of software, you can get concise and clear data and information that shall assist in making recruiting decisions.
  3. Now that a huge workload of classifying is off the plate, it helps you to save time and make work more convenient.

What is Resume Parsing?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) uses resume parsing to convert, and import resumes. Any resume file is broken down accurately into most of the key fields. Resume parsing enables better search results by eliminating manual data entry. A candidate’s contact information, language level, years of experience, etc., are automatically detected by the CV analysis software.

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