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Rejection | Meaning and Definition

What is the meaning of rejection?

Rejection is the action of turning down a candidate by the employer or the recruiter. Rejection of a candidate shows that they are unsuitable for the position. 

There are several reasons why a candidate’s application can be rejected:

  1. False Resume:

Dishonesty, such as omissions, exaggeration of job duties, adornment of titles, lying about your qualifications, etc., can create a bad reputation in front of the recruiter and thereby lead to rejection.

  1. Unsuitable Profile/Personality:

Having a lackadaisical application or resume is the fastest way to get an employer to say ‘No’.

Apart from having a good application and the right skill set, the personality of the candidate plays a crucial role in the hiring process.

For example – A customer-facing job such as a financial planner, customer service department, personal assistant, etc., definitely requires an extrovert or someone with an outgoing personality. Hiring an introvert for such a job might prove to be a liability for the organization.

  1. Lack of Experience:

Lack of experience in working in a field or when a candidate does not provide enough references in their application is a major red flag. It indicates that they might be hiding something.

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