Purple Squirrel | Meaning and Definition

What is a Purple Squirrel?

Purple Squirrel is a term that is often used by recruiters to help describe a candidate profile having the precise and correct education, the set of experience that is required for the job or the role they applied to, along with the range of qualifications that fits perfectly into the requirements that are needed for the desired role in the company or agency. All these specifications make the process of finding the perfect candidate all the more impossible. This basically stresses on the fact that just like finding a purple squirrel is close to impossible as the creature is almost mythical, finding an employee who fits the job requirements so perfectly and accurately is also impossible.

Going by the same theory is the purple squirrel. An employee who is marked as the purple squirrel can very easily handle all sorts of responsibilities almost immediately without facing any sort of problems whatsoever. Their sheer ability to handle and work on various tasks mentioned in the job description without even receiving any sort of training to guide them and hone them just comes to show how much of a rare talent they are.

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