Peers | Meaning and Definition

What is peers?

A peer is a person or individual with whom you are affiliated and who is on the same level as you at work or college. Other high school students are a person’s classmates if they are in 10th grade. If a person is an executive, his or her peers are coworkers at the same level. It’s a word used frequently in HR throughout the performance appraisal process. Peer evaluation is a procedure through which coworkers appraise each other. Peer evaluation is the name given to this practice. 

Benefits Of Peers

  •   You may reach a point in the growth of your company when you are unsure how to proceed. Using their collective expertise and experience, your experienced peers can assist you in managing each step of your company’s growth.
  •   Others in your peer group may point out anything you overlooked during talks. They may be able to prevent you from making a potentially disastrous business decision or recommend ways to enhance communication between workers and crews.
  •   If you have a group of like-minded individuals holding you responsible and asking if you took the next step toward growth, it will be simpler to achieve your company goals.
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