OSHA Form-301 | Meaning and Definition

What is OSHA Form-301?

OSHA Form is an abbreviation for Occupational Safety and Health Administration Form 301 which is utilized by employers to enlist the instances of a single injury, accident, illness, or death in the workspace. You can find this form within OSHA Form 300, where all such happenings that occur at a workplace are recorded. Every incident that is kept in the catalog of OSHA Form 300 needs to be documented in a detailed manner on OSHA Form 301.

What information is entered on OSHA Form 301?

To generate a complete incident record, one needs to fill in the following details on the OSHA Form 301:

  •   How the illness/ injury occurred
  •   The time & date of the incident
  •   Employee name, address, date of recruitment
  •   The body part that has been affected
  •   In what activity the employee was the employee engaged in before the incident.
  •   The substance/ object that caused direct harm to the employee.
  •   Healthcare provider’s name
  •   Place where treatment was provided.
  •   Was the employee hospitalized?
  •   Death date of an employee (If he/ she passed away)


Which incidents are mentioned on the OSHA Form 301?

Any injury or illness that is serious happens while the employee is performing the job, and is directly associated with the worker’s role is considered recordable on OSHA Form 301. Injuries that can be enlisted on this form are:

  •   Injuries that demand professional care
  •   Irreversible chronic ailments, broken bones or teeth, illnesses or injuries that incite unconsciousness, and ruptured eardrums.
  •   Illnesses of injuries that cause the employee to take off from work or unconsciousness, restricted work, or job transfers.
  •   Fatalities
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