New Hire Probationary Period | Meaning

What is the New Hire Probationary Period?

The initial few months in any new job are known as the probationary period or trial period. The employment agreement probationary period is the duration in which the skills of a new employee are assessed by the hiring firm. It is also a crucial time for the new employees as they too can assess whether the job and the company are favorable to their aspirations or not. During this time, employees are taught the kind of work that is expected from them, how they are supposed to get the desired results, if there are any specific software or platforms that they must use to get the job done, etc.

How long is the employment agreement probationary period?

The duration of the employment agreement probationary period varies for every job role and every company, and even every nation. All countries set a certain limit of probationary period. In most cases, the probationary period extends between 3 and 6 months. During this duration, the employee does not receive full benefits, but they kick in as soon as the probationary period is over and they are converted into full-time employees. Employers can choose to end the term of service as soon as the probationary period comes to an end by giving shorter notice than they would have to provide to a full-time employee.

The exact duration of the trial period must be mentioned in the employment agreement, and if that period needs to be extended, it can only be through mutual consent between the employer and the employee. If the employer does not communicate anything regarding the extension of the probationary period or termination of services, by the end of the probationary period, the employee is automatically considered to be a full-time employee thereafter and is entitled to the full benefits of his employment package.

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