New Hire Orientation | Meaning and Definition

What is New Hire Orientation?

When new employees start their work in a company, a new hire orientation is organized to welcome them into the company. Usually, the new hire orientation process is carried out by the Human Resources department and consists of various processes. These include documentation processes, presentations explaining basics about the organization, expectations as well a job role.

Job Orientation Meaning

The new hire orientation is one of the most important parts of a new job. This is greatly helpful in quickly explaining the rules of the trade to new hires. New Hire Orientation can extend over a few days, usually one workweek. New employees are also taken through the office space to understand where each department is located. They are informed about the work culture of the company, some important policies to follow at all times, and are even introduced to colleagues. If the orientation process for several departments is conducted together, the basic common information is passed on to them together, while other formalities like meeting colleagues, understanding the job expectations, etc., are completed by their respective departmental representatives.

The documentation procedures are taken care of by the HR department, and it is during this time that employees receive their id cards. Some companies also have certain ice-breaking sessions in which new hires are asked to interact with each other or with the existing employees of the country. This helps ease the transformation and makes employees more comfortable in the early days. It also helps encourage a team-building atmosphere in the company, and new hires can feel more comfortable clarifying doubts rather than making mistakes.

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