Learning And Development | Meaning

What is learning and development?

One of the traditional ‘core’ roles of Human resource management is learning and development. A company’s Human Resources department or HR Manager is normally in charge of this. However, in smaller businesses, the CEO or Operations Manager may be in charge of the Learning and Development plan. Learning and development is a systematic process that includes a variety of activities and sessions aimed at increasing employee confidence and expanding their knowledge base.

Allowing your team members to participate in growth opportunities helps them to gain new abilities, which they can then apply to their job every day they stay with you. Great team members are your competitive edge in a small business. They’re the cutting-edge technology that you can utilize to compete with larger organizations with larger expenditures.

A successful L&D plan may help your organization recruit future hiring, inspire current employees, and retain them for extended periods of time. Learning and development may entail much more than simply enhancing the precise skills that your workers utilize on a daily basis. 

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