Job Hopper | Meaning and Definition

What is Job Hopper?

A job hopper meaning is someone who works in one job profile for a brief period of time before switching to another. Job hopping refers to a trend of shifting interests and changing professions.

Job hoppers are those who are unsatisfied with their current position and seek better possibilities by shifting employers. Small changes in work profiles are acceptable and good when it comes to a person’s career, but changing several job profiles might have a detrimental influence on a candidate’s CV. Companies are typically hesitant to trust someone who has not stayed with the same company for a long time. Job-hopping is the phrase used to describe the practice of going from one job to another. 

Another problem with job-hopping is that it makes your employment history appear erratic. During a short period of time, you may hold multiple distinct work titles. You probably didn’t spend enough time at these jobs to learn a lot of skills or get a lot of experience, so you don’t have the experience you need to improve your career. Holding the same job for two or more years, on the other hand, offers you continuous direction and guidance, which may help you progress and flourish. 

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