Intern | Meaning and Definition

What is Intern?

An intern is nothing but a trainee or a student who works with pay or sometimes without pay to be able to gain experience in that particular work or satisfy the requirements needed for qualification. The work is temporary and often for work experience but unpaid. The intern gets to experience several work-related situations for customer-facing roles and customer care. The experience gained can prove to be helpful in the intern’s later phase of life. Internships are also done by recent graduates in the profession they choose.

An example of an intern is a student who is also a teacher for his juniors.

A person interning in a company often works unpaid to gain knowledge under the supervision and guidance of an expert. The intern is provided with a position, temporary in the company and is often not given a heavy workload. The main motive of interning is to gain experience and learn at every step. It so may happen that an intern gets chosen for a job in the same company in which he was previously interning. Usually, internships are unpaid, but many companies and organizations pay their interns in order to motivate their work ethics for efficient and productive work.

Internships include several professional streams such as interior designing, creative designing, graphic designing, pharmaceutical industry, architecture, animation, HR intern, medicine, reporting, movie and journalism, and others.

The intern is given the permission temporarily to be inside the organization for which he is expected to do the assigned tasks and learn about the working system of the company and help it in a profitable manner. After education, this is the first workspace in which the intern gets familiar with and learns about the ways of the world.

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