HR Emotional Intelligence | Meaning and Definition

What is HR Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is also referred to as EQ skills. The method through which eerie emotion can be regulated and controlled effectively is emotional intelligence. The essential five parts of the emotional intelligence include: –

  • Awareness: Be aware of the emotions occurring at any time and keep a notice of the same for proper management.
  • Handling Emotions: Keep assuring oneself with positivity and mental peace so that emotions happening at any time can be handled effectively without any damage.
  • Self-Motivation: Motivation oneself to fight against the problems, emerge as a warrior, and gain victory over every task of life.
  • Empathy: The feeling of empathy is essential for a person to feel the same as the other person feels and have a relationship with their feelings.
  • Social Competence: Social interactions, as well as leadership qualities, are also a necessary element in maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with oneself as well as with others. 

The environment in which individuals work should be positive and friendly, and EQ skills are the essential ingredients in maintaining such environments. These EQ skills help people make healthy and friendly relationships, effective communication and collaboration, growth and improvement and achieve goals and targets achievement. 

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