Goal Cascading | Meaning and Definition

What is goal cascading?

The escalation of goals from one stage to another stage is referred to as objective cascading.

What is cascading?

It means aligning the goals across different hierarchies when it is related to an organization’s goals and objectives and its employees. This is the cascading definition in terms of an organization.

Let us explore the term “goal cascading” in detail. These are certain goals that an organization within a project organizes, and this will be organized in either ascending or descending order depending on the roles of different individuals in the organization.

The arrangement of goals mainly depends on the job profiles of the employees or the hierarchy of them for creating or addressing a suitable structure.

So, with this specialized form of arrangement, an organization definitely will meet the project deadline. In this way, all the common goals of the organization will be achieved. The organization must implement a strategy with cascading goals to achieve clear goals. In short, without proper planning, no project will get successful if it has no solid foundation.

Why is it important to cascade goals?

  • When setting a goal, an employee can strive hard to accomplish it.
  • It has the tendency to foster the community within an organization.
  • It helps in boosting employee morale.

The main motto of goal cascading is to get a clear picture of the organizational goal, starting from the top management to the bottom management. This is because the management has to know what exactly is going to happen when the strategy gets broken down into clear and neat deliverables. As a result, communication and tracking become so easy within an organization.

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