Form-49b | Meaning and Definition

What is Form 49b? 

Form 49b is one of the application forms mentioned in the Income Tax Act 1961 under section 203A. This application form is responsible for assigning TAN, i.e., the Tax Deduction Account Number. Tax Deduction Account Number is a unique number of 10 digits assigned to all those responsible for collecting the tax in place of the Income Tax Department. The Tax Account Deduction Number registration is necessary for the deduction of the Tax Deducted at Source on transactions. 

Topics available in Form 49b: –

  • Section one consists of the details of the office and the person’s designation.
  • Section two consists of the individual’s complete details about the permanent and temporary residence
  • Section three consists of the details about the Nationality of the person.
  • The further section demands mentioning the Tax Deduction Account Number
  • The data required for the submission of the form has to be included in the next section
  • The information and details about the assessing officer have to be mentioned in the next section in the form
  • All required personal details of the person have to be mentioned in the next section of the form
  • In the last section, the applicant’s signature or the applicant’s thumb impression has to be submitted.
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