Form 24Q | Meaning and Definition

What is Form 24q?

Form 24Q is intended to declare the citizen’s TDS payments in greater depth. Taxpayers fill out this form. It includes extensive data on income and tax deductions. Annexure 1 and Annexure 2 are the two annexures that compose Form 24Q.

Annexure 1

It includes information about the deductor, challans, and deductee. The salary information is not included in this annexure. It is required to submit for each of the four quarters of the fiscal year.

It included the essential information about the Challan and the deductee:

The branch’s BSR code

Challan serial number Challan date of deposition

The whole amount of the Challan, including TDS and interest, as well as the employee’s PAN and name, as well as the date of payment.

Annexure 2

With the exception of Annexure 1, this subsection includes specific wage details. Over the initial three quarters of the fiscal year, it must be filed. This annexure lists all of the exclusions that the worker must seek.

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