Employer Value Proposition | Meaning

What is an employer value proposition?

Employer value proposition definition is so simple in terms of organizations. It is one of the organization’s strategic statements to explain how the organization desires to be perceived by the potential current working employees and the future talents.

What is an employee value proposition?

Employee value proposition refers to the benefits or rewards received by the employees for their performance from the organization.

Why is an Employer Value Proposition needed for your organization?

There are several reasons why an organization needs an EVP.

  • It strengthens and sharpens the identity as well as the culture of your organization.
  •  It strengthens the employer brand as well.
  •  It facilitates better recruitment for your organization.

If your organization needs top talented employees, it needs to be well-defined to attract top candidates and provide them a reason to apply for your organization.

The reason not only depends on applying for the position in your organization but also the reason why they need to work in your organization.

Who is responsible for developing the organization’s EVP?

The responsibility is with the HR (Human Resources) and also from the nook and corner of an organization, and this includes executives, employees, senior-level officials, etc.

In order to write a perfect EVP for an organization, there are three necessary things that an organization should balance.

  •  What can an organization offer?
  •  What does the competitor offer in the market?
  • What is the experience that an employee gains starting from the first day in the workplace?
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