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Employee Type | Meaning and Definition

What is Employee Type?

An organization might have more than five or six different types of employees working for them. Understanding these classifications clarifies the suitable type of employment you need for your organization. 

What are the different types of employment? – There are many different types of employment an organization can offer or has.

  • Part-time employees – These types of employees work for less than 40 hours per week, and they may be legitimate employees, but they can’t look for the additional benefits provided by the organization.
  • Full-time employees – These types of employees work for an average of 40 hours or more than that. They are qualified for the benefits provided by the organization. The organization, with more than 50 employees, offers health insurance policies to its full-time employees.
  • Seasonal employees – These types of employees are hired based on the seasonal needs of an organization. For example, in order to increase sales during summer, a retail company will hire a maximum of 10 seasonal employees to improve the business sales.
  • Temporary employees – These types of employees were hired for a time period. For example, six months. When the project gets completed, they have to stop working for the organization.
  • Leased employees – Any staffing agency can hire a contracted employee and then pass it to the organization to complete the required job for a certain period. They get benefits from the staffing agency and not from the organization.
  • Migrant employees – If an organization can’t be able to find any local workers, they can hire migrant employees to work for their project. These employees hold the same workplace rights as the normal employees working for the organization.
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