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Employee Satisfaction | Meaning and Definition

What is Satisfaction?

Satisfaction means the level of contentment, fulfillment, and gratification. Employee Satisfaction goes simultaneously with job satisfaction. It is a term often used by the decision makers to designate the level and intensity of satisfaction the employees have with their jobs. Satisfaction includes other elements like their experience and time spent with the organization. 

What is Job Satisfaction?

Job Satisfaction meaning the employee’s job satisfaction, is a metric that defines the level of happiness an employee feels from a job and is essential in maintaining a healthy organization. Several organizations often undertake surveys to track and measure work satisfaction levels of employees. A high level of employee satisfaction indicates happy employees with the treatment they receive from their employers. 

Employee Satisfaction ensures employee engagement, which is a crucial factor that influences an employee’s well-being in the workplace. Satisfaction is important for retention. However, it cannot predict performance and the job engagement indicates the commitment of an employee for his work which ensures a better output. Ideally said, both the less tangible (recognition, strong leadership, and engagement) and materialistic factors (benefits and perks) have equal influence on satisfaction. If the organization lacks in any aspect, it cannot achieve the desired productivity. For example, suppose only materialistic factors are fulfilled. In that case, the employees may focus on only the work required to be done, whereas focusing only on less tangible elements deprives the employees of the materialistic needs who later start looking for better job opportunities. 

Pay for 2 Years and Get 1 Year HRMS Subscription Free