Employee Satisfaction Survey | Meaning

What is Employee Satisfaction Survey?

The Employee Satisfaction Survey consists of a set of questions through which the level of contentment of personnel is measured in concern with the several components of the employees’ job. Its sole motive is to improve the employees’ experience based on actionable data. It usually includes several types of answers, namely open-ended answers and rating scales, and check boxes. 

Why is the Employee Satisfaction Survey important?

Employee Satisfaction Survey is the measure that provides important data and insights into the various ways following which an organization can boost business growth via employee experience. The survey is based on strategy, and it brings about essential information that assures: – 

  • Productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee retention
  • Well-being of the employee
  • Work-life balance. 

How is the Employee Satisfaction Survey beneficial and effective?

An impactful Employee Satisfaction Survey requires:

  • Identification of the sole motive of the survey. Hence it should revolve around a central objective. For example, to improve work-life balance, the survey may have questions like, “Do you feel tense at work? If yes, how often?”, “Can you manage the pressure of work?” or “Is your work interfering with a healthy lifestyle?”.
  • The survey must have a fair length and frequency. That is to say, monthly surveys, each having around ten questions, are far more effective than once in a year with over 40.
  • The survey shall contain strategic questions with simple wordings.
  • The survey of an individual should be kept confidential, which encourages the employees to give their honest opinions.
  • The most important step is creating a plan of action after analyzing the survey results. The action plan should be implemented on time.


Benefits of surveys

The rating scale for the Employee Satisfaction Survey is crucial in improving the company culture. The effects of the surveys should be visible based on the employees’ needs and requirements to generate and nurture happier and healthier workforce.

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