Employee Assistance Program | Meaning

What is Employee Assistance Program? 

EAPs help the employees working in the organization deal with certain problems that impact their work environment or job. In short, an EAP is a consulting or counseling form of program that helps employees bring forward the issues they are facing right now. The expert in the organization guides the employees with a correct set of solutions that could free them from the problems faced by the employees. In short, EAP meaning is nothing but a need for assistance to derive the solution.

The need for assistance or assistance meaning can be in various forms like financial-oriented help, mental health troubles, improving their work environment relationship, and so on.

What are the main aims of employee assistance programs?

  •  In an organization, an Employee Assistance Program has to be accessed online by the employees. You have to set up an online platform in your organization. When logged in, the employees access interactive programs or videos according to their needs.
  •  The Employee Assistance Programs have to be available 24×7 for the employees in an organization. Not only the employees but also the family members of the employees must have the freedom to access these programs and, in turn, contact the experts via texts or emails to seek help.
  •  Confidentiality is one of the main key elements of the EAP. The breaching of information related to employees has to be strictly prohibited in this program.
  •  The employees participating in this program have to stay anonymous, and anonymity is what everyone wants in such assistance programs.
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