Emotional Intelligence | Meaning and Definition

What is Emotional intelligence?

It is also known as emotional quotient, or EI, which defines the ability to understand, control, perceive, and validate emotions.

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional Intelligence defines how a person reacts to situations using their emotions to make a proper decision. Emotional intelligence means the capacity of a person to professionally understand their emotions and take advantage of the same for personal and professional success.  

Emotional Intelligence can be measured using two common methods. 1. Using self-administered reporting where anyone can provide their behavioral ratings. 2. Using Ability tests where an individual will be assessed based on his ability to handle a situation (who are then rated by a 3rd party)

The concept of emotional intelligence revolves around four major pillars.

  1.     Perceive your emotions
  2.     Utilize your reasoning with emotions
  3.     Truly understand your emotions
  4.     Managing and controlling your emotions

Best advice for Improving your emotional quotient

  1.     Listen first to other’s feelings (from their verbal and nonverbal cues)
  2.     Put yourself in the shoe of others to understand them and empathize with them
  3.     Finally, reflect on your emotions

Potential hazards of High Emotional Quotient

  1.     Creativity & Innovation – it impacts the creativity of the individual, which in turn reflects on his innovative talent.
  2.     Fear – People with high EQ will fear providing feedback to others, thinking that it will hurt others’ inner feelings. In this way, they lose their inner peace and self in the long term.
  3.     Manipulation and Deception – These people will have more manipulative and deceptive behavior.
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