Disciplinary Procedure | Meaning and Definition

What is Disciplinary procedure?

A disciplinary procedure is a defined, stage process, thorough method that a corporation adheres to when an employee has to be cautioned, penalized, or fired. The corporation could risk defamation or other legal accusations if the process isn’t standardized and fair. 

It is a well-defined system that allows employers to tackle problems of misconduct that may arise throughout a term of this agreement. It establishes the basis within which to function to maintain uniformity in service while also allowing for specific and complicating factors to be acknowledged and taken into account. 

Disciplinary proceedings are halved into two categories: informal and formal. Informal disciplinary procedures are less likely to be codified and handled ‘discreetly’ by a manager, whereas formal procedures are much more likely to be formalized in an organization’s official rulebook or employment agreements and followed very closely by the employer so, even though disagreements over dealing could lead to unfair dismissal. 

Employees are perhaps to be eliminated from chores while disciplinary proceedings are being pursued on crucial offenses.

Although there is no legal duty to follow ACAS’ recommendations on how to undertake disciplinary procedures, payouts at the fair work commission may be higher if you don’t.

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