Defamation | Meaning and Definition

What is Defamation? 

Defamation is one of the occurrences that is found common in an organization. This points out the character of the person working in the organization and will also restrict the promotions and bonuses of the person who is defamed in the organization. The future and career of the employee become difficult. Also getting justice for the same is very difficult for a lawyer. 

Two Ways of Defamation: 

There are two ways of defamation. One is slander and another one is libel. Slander refers to any statement about a person which in reality is a false statement about a person and will hamper the prestige and character of that person. The main aim of the person who uses the false statements for the person is to defame that person.

Libel means to print something wrong and false about a person to hamper the prestige and character of that person in the organization. The issuing of the statements is generally done in order to defame the person and stop them from getting any promotions or bonuses in the organization. 

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