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Coffee Badging

What is coffee badging?

Coffee badging is the term used to describe employees who briefly visit the office, enjoy a coffee, engage with colleagues, and then continue their work remotely. They make a short appearance at the office for social interactions before completing the rest of their work remotely.

It is captivating as employees seek to meet the physical presence expectations of the office while also desiring the flexibility of remote work. This serves as a prime example of the challenges and the inception of a new era in the way we work.

As per a recent Owl Labs report, 62% of coffee badgers are men while 38% are women.

How is coffee badging gaining popularity?

Generally, technology allows us to conduct meetings, phone calls, and cloud-based documents remotely, that’s why some people feel that there is no advantage of being in the office.

Many people work more efficiently in their home office and it is also less distracting than a shared workplace. Everyone can work more comfortably because it is more important for those with medical issues.

Why does it happen?

This phenomenon is perceived as a form of resistance against the mandated return-to-office, as many employees view it as unnecessary. Coffee badging occurs because workers prioritize the flexibility of remote work over the perceived inefficiencies of frequent office visits. This trend reflects a shift towards enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction by offering flexibility in work arrangements.

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