Candidate Call Back Rate | Meaning and Definition

What is a Candidate Call Back Rate? 

call rate is the percentage of job candidates who a potential employer contacts after submitting their resume or application. The call rate can be a good indication of the competitiveness of a job market and how well your qualifications match the needs of employers. 

Candidate call-back rate is a measurement used to assess the effectiveness of recruiting efforts. The measurement is based on the number of callbacks received from candidates or potential leads. The higher the rate, the more successful the recruiting process is considered to be. 

Several different factors can affect callback rates, such as the quality of job postings, the attractiveness of the company, and the level of interest from candidates. Improving candidate call-back rates can be a challenge, but doing so can lead to better quality hires and a more efficient recruiting process. 

Candidates with higher education levels and more experience are typically contacted more often than those with fewer qualifications. If you have difficulty landing interviews, make sure your resume and cover letter are targeted to the specific position you’re applying for and network with people in your field. 

Benefits of Measuring

There are a few benefits to this process: 

  1. It can help identify areas of improvement for the candidate. If candidates are not getting any call rates or back calls, they can reflect on their interviewing skills and see where they may need to improve.
  2. Measuring call-back rates can also help individuals target their job search by identifying which companies or companies are more likely to respond positively to their applications.
  3. Finally, it gives the job seeker an idea of how competitive they are in the market. 
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