Ageism | Meaning and Definition

What is ageism?

Ageism is also often known as age discrimination. Ageism meaning is the practice of treating someone unjustly because of their age. This may manifest itself in the workplace as someone being passed over for a job or promotion, the denial of benefits to older employees, or the termination of employment prematurely. Ageist beliefs may be harmful to a victim’s health and cause them to be marginalized in their communities. Anti-discrimination rules are intended to protect individuals from discrimination against things such as ageism.

Different Types of Age Discrimination

  • Direct discrimination occurs when workers’ age causes them to be treated differently than other employees in the same scenario.
  • Indirect discrimination occurs when an organization’s operating procedure disadvantages members of a certain age group.
  • Abuse occurs when a person is embarrassed, insulted, or degraded due to their age.
  • Victimhood occurs when someone is treated unfairly due to filing an age discrimination complaint.
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