Active Candidates | Meaning and Definition

What are active candidates? 

An applicant actively seeking a new job is referred to as an active candidate. Most active job seekers conduct their job search online, utilizing job boards and search sites to browse job postings and apply for open positions. Many active applicants may also publish their CV or portfolio to a job search portal so that recruiters can easily locate them for suitable positions. 

These applicants use job boards and business career pages and proactively register with recruiters and executive search companies the most. Active candidates put a lot of effort into improving their brand – CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles – and looking for jobs and networking. These prospects may be easily located on social media or through search engines, even if they don’t apply for one of your job postings. Any effective active talent strategy will be able to find, engage, and qualify these people. They are ready to hear from companies and want to be found.

There are several reasons why they might seek employment somewhere else –

  • They want to go ahead in their careers and take on greater responsibilities.
  • They would wish to shift careers and learn new skills.
  • They want to move to a new town, county, or nation.
  • They are dissatisfied with their present employer’s working conditions or culture.
  • They retired early, yet they miss the world of work
  • As a result of downsizing, relocation, or mergers, they were rendered redundant.
  • A new company purchased their employment, and they are concerned about their future.
  • Their employer went out of business, and they were laid off.
  • They either willingly left their former job or were dismissed from them.
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