Absconding | Meaning and Definition

What is Absconding?

Absconding meaning comes to the fore when the employer does not know where the employees are during business hours since they are not at the office and there is no communication from them.

Absconding in human resources refers to an employee who has not reported to work for three days in a row and has not notified his management or peers about his location or the cause for his absence.

It is one of the most unethical and dishonest justifications for terminating an employment agreement. When this mistake occurs in their firm, HRs fear it since the employee abruptly decides not to go to work without giving over the acquired asset, data, and so on to the authorities. The intention of such an individual is scrutinized since his objectives and intentions may pose a risk to the company. No, the employee’s salary is not paid from the day he or she goes missing. On the other hand, an employer shall always clear all dues until the absconding employee‘s last day of employment.

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