The power of hr technology: how to achieve workplace success and efficiency

While the term ‘Fintech’ is not new, its dynamic and dimensions have changed over the years, and more rapidly in the last one decade. This one industry, which is least explored and highly potential in the face of rapidly advancing technology and a multitude of new players, is grabbing the eyeballs of many. 

HRMS or the Human Resource Management Software plays a crucial role in Fintech companies. From authentic and automated mechanisms to employee retention, technology oriented business and performance management, HRMS assists Fintech companies to manage it all.

In this Ebook, we have attempted to give insights on the Fintech Industry. This Ebook covers:

  • Evolution of the Fintech Industry
  • Some of the major events to give an overview of how far the sector has come
  • Future of Fintech in India
  • HR Challenges faced by Fintech companies
  • Role of HR Technology in the Fintech Industry
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