The ultimate guide to implementing OKRs for remote teams

Remote work can present a host of challenges when it comes to setting goals and keeping employees engaged and productive. With lockdowns getting imposed again and the coronavirus resurfacing in the world, remote work seems likely to continue for a long time to come. This new reality in the world of work demands smarter ways of setting goals that are collaborative, flexible and laser-focused.
Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a framework that does just that. It is the future of goal setting management, especially for remote teams.
In this ebook, you will understand:
  • What are OKR’s?
  • What is the need for OKRs for remote teams?
  • How are OKRs beneficial in remote team management?
  • How can you get started with OKRs for your remote teams?
  • What OKR mistakes should you avoid?
The ebook ends with a few real world examples of how various teams can set OKRs for the next quarter. This is the playbook that will not just help you understand what OKRs are, but also help you define your own OKRs for your remote teams.
Download it today.
okr ebook

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